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In Post-PC era, PCs were widely adopted in industrial application. Unique and efficiency has become the turnkey to the market. For the limited engineer resource environment, WeLink provides the immediate support, technical consultation and customization for customer's BIOS development. We also link the chipset vendors to the customers on supporting customer's new hardware designs which can effectively shorten the time to market.

Our Services Cover:

     Basic BIOS training course
     Technical consultation of BIOS issue
     BIOS development and maintenance
     Customized BIOS modification and function support
     Solution planning and implementation

     Phoenix licensed BIOS label reselln

     Phoenix Core System Software and application resell

Our Advantages Include:
     Assist the customer to shorten the product development time
     Assist the customer to eliminate the perplexity of hard-finding BIOS
     Provide the back-up for customer's BIOS team
     Provide the recommendation for the integration of hardware and software

Our Professionals Stand On:
     Familiar with IBM/80X86 BIOS and requirement for embedded application
     Able to cooperate with the customer for hardware debugging
     Own patented debugging and modification utility
     Various testing environment for issue isolation and analysis


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