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More Flexible Application of Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology (EIST)
                                                                                                                March 06, 2007, Taipei

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology (EIST) allows user to select power scheme under operating system upon the applied requirement. According to system loading, EIST will to adjust processo r's frequency dynamically to satisfy different efficiency requirement and balance the power consumption.

Currently, Phoenix Award™ BIOS is able to support this technology on all EIST built-in Intel processors. Besides previous mentioned advantage s of EIST, the other embedded system in enclosure environment can also decrease the heat production to achieve the design target of fanless via this function.
In order to make EIST more flexible, recently, WeLink has customized this technology to support Enabled/Disabled Control Function. With this function, user can set up the control item in BIOS menu and decide if this function needs to be enabled or disabled to meet various embedded system's applications.
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