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About Us

WeLink was established in YR2002 and became the member of Phoenix 's Trusted Partner Network since middle of YR2003. And now WeLink is very active in playing as one of Phoenix 's full line distributors by holding the competency of providing technical support to Phoenix 's worldwide customers.

Ever since the establishment, WeLink was dedicated in the technical support on BIOS service. Platforms which we've been dealing with cover almost all the mainstream and non-mainstream chipsets. The in-field experiences enable our engineering team to have the capability on solving almost all the BIOS-related issues.

Started from BIOS service, WeLink has been successfully expanded the service to the embedded O/S and driver field. Unlike the first BU of BIOS service, the second BU is fully dedicated in the customization of embedded O/S, namely WinCE or Embedded Linux. In addition, the customers in the embedded field usually have the demand on different device drivers. Programming drivers or Line Test programs are also the core business for our embedded service.

Based on solid foundation of the BIOS and Embedded Service, WeLink is further moving forwards to establishing own brand Application S/W products. Under such circumstances, the BU3 was built up for dealing with products of DVR and Digital Signage respectively. All we are concern the most is that whether we can provide adequate and necessary S/W supports to the vertical market segments?

WeLink has the capabilities of providing the solution-base cooperation with the customers. Through cooperation, we can not only satisfy our customers with qualified S/W products and service, the feedback from each different demand from customers is no doubt the momentum for us to keep moving forwards into the future.

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