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MIO (Media Instant On)解決方案,讓電腦不開機,也能成為影音光碟播放機
                                                                                                                     May 11, 2005, Taipei

崴聯發表MIO (Media Instant On)解決方案,完整整合數位家電與個人電腦功能,讓您的電腦在不進入OS的作業環境中,即可成為可播放MP3、CD、VCD或DVD的影音光碟播放機,或是成為一台家中不可或缺的電視機。

What is MIO Solution?
    An Embedded Multi-Media Player
    An Audio and MP3 CD Player
    A DVD Player
    A Picture CD Player
    A TV (if System has a TV Tuner)
    Advanced Video and Audio Functions
    Embedded in PC System BIOS ROM
 Easy to Use
     Ready to Play
    Instant On
    Instant Off
    Auto Format Detection
    Seamless Integration with BIOS & OS
    Consumer Player Like User Interface
    No need to Navigate Windows
    Intuitive and User Friendly
    Keyboard, Mouse, or Remote Control
 Easy to Adopt
    Requires Few Resources
    Small Footprint
    Minimum Hardware Changes
    Flexible Manufacturing & Sales Decision
    Easy to Customize Look-and-Feel
    Easy to Customize Look-and-Feel
 Easy to Support
    Intuitive User Interface
    Little or No Need for Users’ Manual
    Vigorously Tested for Compatibilities
    Tested to Play Discs Other Players Have Failed
    No Need to Access Your Hard Disk
    No Chance to Corrupt Your Data
    Cannot be Accidentally Damaged by User
    Cannot be Overwritten by Other Applications, Drivers, or OS
    High Tolerance to Software Faults (if any)
 Helps to Create Innovative Products
    Diskless PC for Consumer Electronics
    Expands PC into Consumer Electronics
    Excitement is in the Air
    Diskless PC for Consumer Electronics
    Eliminate the Cost of a Hard Disk Drive
    Eliminate the Cost of Operating System
    No Hard Disk Drive Noise, Heat, etc
    No Hard Disk Failure
    Instantly Turns On and Ready To Play
    Expands PC into Consumer Electronics
    Integrated with Portable DVD-ROM Drives
    Integrated with LCD Displays and Speakers
    Entertainment Box for Kitchen Counter Top
    Every-Room Multi-Media Box
    Company Presentation Room
    DVD Player
    Portable Player
    Set-top Box, Car PC, etc. Excitement is in the Air
    Desktop PC
    Notebook PC
    Car PC
    LCD TV
    Set-top Box
    More …



























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